UPDATE of 5/17/17 Meeting Below

Don't Destroy our small town!
See below for details, plans, and how to STOP this!

5/17/17 Meeting

This meeting was held from 5:30-7pm, Wednesday, May 17th. It was in a ballroom at the Ritz Carlton. The perimeter of the ballroom had posterboards and different categories (i.e. transportation, marina, etc) represented by the company that was hired to do the study/plan, or a marketing company representative. There were a few Stock employees present (including legal representation). Speaking to each of the representatives, it was soon realized conflicting information was being given. Some were saying the zoning change was already approved (NOT true), while others contradicted the parking situations. A traffic representative stated that the impact study had been performed, but upon questioning into the details, admitted that the traffic on the weekends were not taken into account. The representatives there were very nice and professional and tried to answer the questions as best as they could. There was no formal singular presentation, or any Q&A session as a large group. This meeting did provide the opportunity for many of us to share common concerns with other residents. Many of the leaders of the community and buildings were able to share ideas and thoughts. We will be, within the week, meeting to collectively provide a strong and united front to represent all the residents and county members that feel their voice falls on deaf ears on past projects in the county. We will be updating this site with all information from the meeting that we can gather, to make sure everyone is well informed. If you would like to get on an email list, please email the address at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, please share this website link, write/call the county commissioners, and check back for further updates. Thank you for your involvment.

The Details: Stock Development is proposing to build out the northeast corner of Vanderbilt Beach Boulevard and Gulf Shore Drive. They are calling this project 'One Naples'. The plan calls for 300 residential units, which includes 2-3 story low rise condominiums, 5-story condominium at the water......AND
A 20 story condominium tower
right at the corner!

Obnoxious Eye-sore!

This is why the area is zoned commercial use....Look at this monstrosity! Thanks, Stock for giving us the "(INSERT LINK)" part on your website when referring where to find all approved C-3 uses. HINT: This is not an approved use!
HERE is what you can look at: 

Goodbye Calm Back Waters!

75 marina slips. Hey Flipper and all your manatee friends, adios! Goodbye to all paddleboarders, kayakers, and seawalls...Hello to "wake only" (<-ya right), added pollution, and increased noise!

Higher than the Ritz-Carlton!

"Honey, isn't this great? It makes it seem like our tower isn't so high, when we are actually 6 stories higher than the Ritz!!"

How Stock plans to ruin Vanderbilt Beach area:

Holding resident "meetings"

The first one is scheduled for THIS Wednesday, May 17th, 5:30-7:30pm at the Ritz Plaza Ballroom (280 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples, FL).

Make a fancy website saying how great this project is for the area.

Amenities and views only owners will be allowed to enjoy. LESS (??) traffic? No mention of parking problems and beach parking garage being MORE full. Pavers to create a better beach experience... How about not putting a 20 story building there?!?

Submission of plans to the County with re-zoning request.

If there area no objections at the meetings or voiced to the comminsion, easy breezy for Stock! Re-Zone, construction, and destruction begins!!

What can I do to STOP STOCK from destroying Vanderbilt's charm?

#1 Let Stock know you are  
    against this destruction of

Attend as many meetings as possible. If you are unable to attend and still want to be heard, email  


 #2 Tell County
      Commisioners what's in 
      the best interest of our
      community, not a

District 2:     Andy Solis, Esq.                  
                      (239) 252-8602
*note: you don't need to live in this District to contact this representative. If you enjoy Vanderbilt Beach and surrounding charm, you can have input directly to this commissioner.   

 #3 Get the word out. Stock 
      is hoping to pass this by 
     with as little resistance as

Email this website link or share on Facebook to friends and family, especially seasonal people that have already left for the summer.

Who we are:
Naples residents that love Vanderbilt Beach and the surrounding area. Email us with tips, concerns, questions at: